"Un Tango de Amor" - Review

Breuer´s most recent work, a joint project with the writer Christian Fuchs, Un Tango de Amor ( premiere January 10th 1999) was a multimedia collage of surrealism: choreography with a tango flair( an Argentinean couple taught tango for several weeks9, recited poetry and political texts in both Spanish and German, music by Astor Piazzolla and others played by the Mozarteum Orchestra with true tango passion; old ilm clips and projections of Buenos Airesto give the stage( design by Marouan Dib) an urban illusion.

The audiance at first bewilderd by the sudden chnges of mood and context,became increasingly spellbound by this kaleidoscope of love and hate,tenderness nad passion,dream,nightmare,and reality. They gave unanimous applaus to Breuer,Andoni Aresti-Landa,Eric Assandri,Muriel Estanco,Maria Gruber, and the other members of this imaginative production.
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